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Happy hour in Minneapolis, Minnesota

We’re a restaurant website covering Minneapolis only.

Accurate & detailed happy hour specials.

Our Uptown & South Minneapolis listings are complete. Northeast is coming soon.

Let’s Go To Happy Hour!


Above all, Local Friend’s happy hour listings are accurate. A lot of websites want to take over the world with multi-city apps that use automated systems to gather information. These are inconsistent and terribly unreliable. Since we’re focused on only Minneapolis, we’re able to use manual, human methods of gathering information to ensure accuracy. If anything is unclear, we contact the restaurants directly for clarity.


Happy hour decisions are spur of the moment. You don’t have the patience to wade through websites and social media when your buddy just wants a cheap brew. Our info is clean and organized so you spend your time on a bar stool, instead of Google.


“Drink specials on the weekdays!!” doesn’t help us much. We list all the needed deets: location, days, times, and prices.